Kelly Fager

My Internship with Ohio Farm Bureau Federation

Week 11 – Final Touches Completed

on July 13, 2013

Week 11 was full of surprises but the Land and Living Building planning is complete and now time for execution beginning with move in on Monday.  This was the last week that the interns sat behind their desk planning on paper where now we will be bringing it to life.

This week we finalized and sent the ambassador and staff schedule for Ohio State Fair out.  Talk about a lot of work, concentration and making sure everyone was happy.  After about 15 hours total in the schedule, I was happy to see the scheduling email go out.  However, I already am receiving requests so I will be back to looking at the schedule soon.  This week we also had our Ohio Farm Bureau Staff Luncheon Training for Ohio State Fair.  I was in-charge of putting together the packet that all employees working received.  We were able to do a WebEx for field staff who were unable to attend.  Overall the training went really well and all the staff members seem excited to be working again this year!

We also had a Storify training this week.  Dan Toland and Callie Wells trained us since Storify is where the interns will be keeping a running story/blog of the fair.  It is a very interesting and neat tool.  Really looking forward to using it.

This week we had a final wrap-up meeting with Mr. Jack Fisher and several Organization Team Directors.  We were able to go through all of the building one last time and share all the details.  Mr. Fisher again provided several items of insight and told us what a great job we had done.  It seemed like everyone was happy so excited for them to see the final building in person.

Shirts have been delivered.  Tickets have been counted and in process of being mailed.  Press release and media advisories are set to go out next week.  Time cards and time machine are working.  Schedule has been emailed.  Meal vouchers have been printed and counted.  Signage is being printed.  Social media posts have been scheduled.  Calendar of Events has been updated.  Exhibit material has been gathered.  Ohio State Fair just needs to begin!

On Monday we begin moving everything out to the building.  Wednesday is when exhibitors will begin moving in.  It’s going to be a crazy week but I’m looking forward to seeing all my hard work finally pay off for the public to see.  12 days until opening day…bring it on!


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