Kelly Fager

My Internship with Ohio Farm Bureau Federation

Week 8 – Final Touches

on June 22, 2013

Crazy to think that the Ohio State Fair is exactly 33 days away.  As I sit here typing this, I think back to my very first day on the job.  I was beyond overwhelmed by all the components it takes to pull off the Land and Living exhibit.  Now those components are almost complete with just final touches being added.  All of this done in just 8 weeks!

This week we were able to just work with very few meetings.  On Tuesday, we had a meeting with our supervisors, their supervior and the interns to go through the building exhibit by exhibit and discuss other details.  This allowed all six of us to be on the same page.  We also had a meeting to discuss collegiate level and 18-25 year old levels for potential membership options.  That was a nice meeting to be a part of to share ideas and things that I would want in a membership.

I was put in-charge of all the communication with media and public relations work this week.  I made a press release, media advisory, and social media plan.  The press release will be going out 10 days before the start of the fair.  I will then follow up with certain media personnel that we definitely want in our building.  I also will be making contact with channel 4, 6, and 10 personnel to have come out to the building to either do live broadcast or do snippets for different segments.  I contacted other agriculture broadcasters to invite them to do live broadcasts on stage.  I am hoping to hear back from these personnel next week.  I am working on a social media plan to get tweets and posts scheduled ahead of fair so that they will automatically publish to the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation social media pages.

I also was able to do many lists and components for state fair that are necessary.  I typed up agendas for both the staff luncheon and also building training.  Was able to put together all of the packet material by redoing previous years and adding this year’s exhibits.  I was able to make morning and evening shift to-do lists.  Made the beginning of shift list for ambassador meetings.  Just little things that needed done and are finally crossed off my list!

Next week I will be finishing up more of my to-do lists and continuing to finalize the building.  The countdown has begun….33 days until fair opening!



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