Kelly Fager

My Internship with Ohio Farm Bureau Federation

Week 7- Full Approval = Forge Ahead

on June 14, 2013


Kelly, Kelly and Ian have been hard at work all summer but sometimes we like to have fun as well!

After 7 weeks, it’s finally official! We are able to forge ahead with our building plan for the Ohio State Fair Land and Living exhibit. This week we were able to meet with Jack Fisher, Executive Vice President for Ohio Farm Bureau Federation and get the final approval. He gave several suggestions to think about as a fairgoer and what else could be done to have more interaction within exhibits. I’m excited to begin moving past the brainstorming stage by being able to purchase and start putting together exhibits. Since we have officially ended the corn wall era and are now having a Country Connection stage, it’s important for us to find special draws for the public to come into our building. We will be having remote control tractors in an exhibit we call, “Farming at Your Fingertips.” Some other new exhibits this year will include: Wilmington College Community Garden, Ohio State University Sustainability Zero Waste Project, Ohio FFA Association, and many others! It is our hope that these new attractions will make fairgoers happy.  Mr. Fisher was very pleased with the new contacts we have for this year.

This week was also our Ambassador Training day. On Thursday, 26 of the 29 ambassadors were present at Lazer Kraze from 12 to 4:00 for a training and then had opportunity to play a game of laser tag. During the training, all final paperwork was collected. All ambassadors participated in an icebreaker game, played “Ambassador Feud” to understand expectations and rules, and finally went through a Conversation with EASE Training with Dr. Leah Dorman. Ambassadors were required to attend EASE so that they understood how to correctly address the public and talk about agriculture in a correct way. Our ambassadors heard expectations on media from Dan Toland and also were welcomed by Jack Fisher. This training was a success and I’m looking forward to working with these ambassadors during fair!

Ambassadors being welcomed by Jack Fisher, Executive Vice President of Ohio Farm Bureau during training.

Andy Vance, an agricultural journalist stopped by the OFBF office to talk with the interns about what is happening in agriculture today, top “hot” issues in ag, how to address public, and talking about agriculture through personal experience. This was a very informative meeting since addressing the public is key at the Ohio State Fair. I learned many tips and ways to continuous educate myself through experience, reading both sides of agriculture, and getting out talking to public.

Matt Reese from Ohio Country Journal wrote a blog post this week that  the OFBF interns were featured in. (

It has been a crazy week with meetings, training, and such but a very productive week for the exhibit. It’s crazy to think 7 weeks ago we were literally trying to figure out what to put in the building to now starting to build or buy things for the various exhibits.  I’m ready for next week to see all that we can accomplish with keeping these exhibits moving forward!


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