Kelly Fager

My Internship with Ohio Farm Bureau Federation

Week 6- Putting Everything Together

on June 7, 2013

As the summer is quickly happening, the Ohio State Fair is quickly approaching. Now that we have hit June, all the plans are beginning to fall in place. Next week the interns will present the final building layout to Jack Fisher, Executive Vice President at Ohio Farm Bureau. He will be putting his stamp of approval on the building.

This week we were able to present to the Organization Department the latest happenings of state fair and was given feedback that we all took into consideration. We also had the opportunity to attend a Clippers vs. Mud Hens baseball game. Signage is an important aspect this week that we all are concentrating on due to needing graphic designers to make the designs and then have a print shop be ready to print all the signs needed. A part of my responsibilities is to keep track of all the ambassador paperwork as it comes in and make proper markings in my Excel document. The ambassadors have steadily been turning paperwork in. Next week is Ambassador Training so we were putting together various discussion points and also doing name tags. I’m really excited for this training so that I can meet everyone and prepare them for the state fair.

Everything has been going pretty smooth so far and definitely have grown as a leader so far. Next week is full of meetings again in preparation for Ambassador Training. Then having a meeting with Jack Fisher for final approval will be something we all are preparing for. Ambassador Training is next Thursday at Lazer Kraze so making sure everything is around. We also will be finalizing all of our plans and turning in various aspects to Ohio State Fair’s committee. Any following up with individuals will also occur next week with getting preparations done for exhibits. Looking forward to all that is in store for next week!


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