Kelly Fager

My Internship with Ohio Farm Bureau Federation

Week 5- Hiring and Finalizing

on May 30, 2013

Just like any week, this week was no different with continued productivity on the Land and Living exhibit for the Ohio State Fair. This week we were able to make great progress in laying out what we hope will be the final layout.

Having had many conversations over the past couple of weeks, we have successfully figured out who all will be in our building and reaching out to find more stage acts for our “Country Connections” stage. Our goal for this week was to put together a final layout that will be used for the building. We were able to put this on computer and then went to the fairgrounds to chalk all the areas to make sure it will be successful for the fair. A challenge we faced was making sure that all exhibitors had accurate space and would be able to fulfill their needs. We added several new exhibitors this year and are trying to make the building more innovative and hands-on this year. With the new exhibitors this year, we are hoping to use them to help tell the story of agriculture. We are looking forward to working further with these exhibitors with hopes that future partnerships will continue.

This week was also a great way for me to see myself as a Human Resource employee. Since I was delegated the responsibility of hiring ambassadors and doing all the paper work, I was able to see if I would want to be in HR for my future. Particularly last week and this week we were able to interview 35 individuals. I was responsible to draft offer letters, put together an ambassador new hire packet, ambassador training flyer, important dates to remember, and also an availability form for working. I was able to send this out to 28 individuals this week offering them the position.

Since we hired ambassadors this week, we began working on ambassador training material as well. We will be doing this training at Lazer Kraze in June. We want these ambassadors to have a great experience working with Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, the fairgoers at Ohio State Fair, and also growing as a leader while educating the public about agriculture.

This internship has exceeded my expectations and love seeing this future exhibit coming together each day!


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