Kelly Fager

My Internship with Ohio Farm Bureau Federation

Week 3- Meetings & Planning

on May 17, 2013

Hard to believe that I already have completed week 3 of my internship!

Myself and the other two interns this week focused on contacting commodities, organizations and businesses who have been in the “Land and Living” exhibit in the past as well as those we feel could bring something to the building.  Besides contacting through email or phone, we also had meetings this week as well.  We met with Ohio Soybean Council to discuss booth layout, stage opportunities, and what they are looking for in the building.  We also met with the gentleman who is in-charge of the horticulture contest whose displays our in the Donahey Ag and Hort Building.  These meetings gave me the opportunity to get to know others in the agriculture industry.  We also were able to meet with employees at Ohio Farm Bureau to get more ideas for the building.

Another task that I was given this week was that I will be responsible for the ambassador program regarding getting resumes, doing interviews, sending out offer letters, making sure paperwork is collected, and keeping in close contact with the Human Resource employee at OFBF.  This week, the interns were able to check out Lazer Kraze to make sure this is the location we want for ambassador training in June.

This week we went out to the Ohio State Fairgrounds to do inventory on all equipment and signs that we have collected over the years.  To help with the process, I was in-charge of taking photos to keep a record of everything that we have.  Signage is very important and was something that took awhile.  We decided to bring all the signs back to the office, which turned into an interesting adventure.  Let’s just say that large signs take creative thinking when going into an elevator!  However, we were able to figure out how to fit these signs in.  This coming week we will be meeting with the Communication team to begin laying out what kind of signage and design work we need for fair.

Overall, this week went really well.  It was a week where a lot was accomplished regarding the building and brainstorming on exactly what we want in the building.  I didn’t face any difficulties this week that couldn’t be overcome. Next week will be full of meetings again and beginning the interview process for ambassadors.  I just can’t wait to see how the design on paper will come to life for the fair!


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